Roadmap to your goals and much more

Planums will help you organize your goals, wishes, or ideas in a very simple way using groups and levels.

Add your goals

It can be not only the goal that you would like to achieve but something that you already have and don't want to forget about it.

Unit of measurement

There are pre-defined units of measurement such as USD, EUR, and hours but you can easily add your own.


Amount is related to the unit of measurement and can be stored as a single value or as a range. As soon as the goal is achieved you can adjust it.


You can decide how your goal will be displayed. It can be a picture, name, amount, description, or any mix of them.

Group your goals

Create groups to organize all your records according to your preferences.

Next min

This is the minimum amount for the next goal which is not yet been achieved.

Total min/max

This is the sum of all min/max amounts for goals and groups inside.

Group summary

By clicking on group name you can see group details and summary.

Create levels

Levels can be created inside the groups to arrange goals according to your wishes. Levels can serve as milestones to your ultimate goal.

Assign to level

You can assign to level any number of goals and groups, simply drag-and-drop them under the level name.

Level states

There are 3 types of states for levels. The first is when all goals are achieved. The second comes after the first type when it has goals that have not been achieved. The third type applies to the rest.


You can choose level details that will be displayed: name, description, amount.

Other features

10 languages

Our mobile app supports many languages and we will keep adding new ones!

Swipe to delete

You can delete any item - simply swipe right.

Google & Apple Auth

You can securely sign up & sign in using your Google or Apple account in addition to standard process via email.

Much more will come

We would love to hear your feedback and improve our app according to your growing needs!

Use cases

Website development
My Garage
My Healthcare Goals
You can send us your use case screenshot to and best of them will be listed here.