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Frequently asked questions

How to delete goal, group or level?

To delete goal, group or level your have to swipe right on item which you would like to delete.

How to delete my account and data?

To delete your account and all date please send us request to our email

Will be there new features?

Sure. You can suggest us feature by writing an email to and there is a change to see it in our next update.

How to cancel subscription?

For iOS open App Store > Prodile > Subscriptions.
For Android open Play Market > Profile > Payments & Subscriptions > Subscriptions

Can I sync iOS & Android app?

Yes, once your create an account your can access it Planums using any iOS and Android at the same time and all your date will be syncronized and saved.

Do you offer phone or chat support?

Yes we can offer phone and chat support using Telegram messanger.